KMG - Info Services

Over View :

     KMG Info services is based on vellore, India. We understand the importance of Publishing & pre-media services and their importance in imparting knowledge globally. We work at the intersection of Technology, Innovation and Publishing. Since our inception, we have firmly believed and invested in the areas of high quality and stringent process implementation. With firm footing in the areas of Digital Publishing, Type Setting, Data Conversion & support services, Our Services has been and will continue providing customer centric solutions.

     Our goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction and we strongly believe that our Customer's satisfaction is the direct reflection of the quality services we offer. Every client is precious to us and therefore we strive to give our best to them.

Our Leadership :

     Our Leadership team understands people and their needs thus motivating them to get involved in the job. By doing so, it takes all the excellent characteristics, like integrity, dedication of purpose, selflessness, knowledge, skill, implacability, as well as determination not to accept failure. We have a winning team that has worked with top people in the publishing industry.

     We constantly challenge ourselves with changing technological medium in this ever evolving digital world. And our motto is "Not every challenge can be met. But one cannot succeed without facing the challenges"

Infrastructure :

     Set up to give advantage over our competitors in terms of time, quality and delivery. Our infrastructure and the way we operate is one of the best in the printing industry. We have best tools that are adequate to deliver the quality product to our customers thus keeping up to the industry standards.

     Our well-equipped and highly qualified technological innovation and function groups utilize their comprehensive industry experience and knowledge to deliver solutions of unrivalled excellence. Our security standards are designed to safeguard client's content.