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Data Conversion Services :

     KMG Outsourcing Services is one of the leading India based company offering data conversion services to clients across the world. Highly skilled in-house team is capable of executing the task on various technical platforms, database and tools with less time, accuracy and speed. A customized service that may suit your requirements and error-free conversion process with zero data loss is the key attribute of Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services.

Data Conversion Service Offerings:

1. PDF Conversion
2. Image To Text
3. OCR Conversion from & to : PDF, Word
4. XML Conversion from & to : CSV, Excel, XSD, HTML, PDF
5. HTML Conversion from & to : PDF, PSD, Word
6. Excel Conversion from & to : PDF, XML
7. Book Conversion

Our well thought out data conversion and document conversion process provides output that all our clients' desire and deserve. We also provide you with an initial sample work on your requirement. Once you approve, we take it forward from there. With proven domain expertise in data conversion and document conversion, we assure you of uncompromised quality of services and a prominent outsourcing experience. You also can be rest assured of your information security as Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services practices multilayered security processes. Outsource your projects to Hi-Tech, to give your business a competitive edge.