KMG - Info Services

Litigation Coding

     The sheer volume of data and documents to be catalogued in today's complex litigation projects is staggering. How can reviewers efficiently find pivotal documents in their collections when information is incomplete? When indexing of hard copy documents is necessary or extracted metadata is not enough, Kensium can help with coding solutions customized for your company's needs.

     As the largest provider of litigation coding service, our proven approach delivers exceptional results that are accurate, consistent and fast. Kensium employs 300 full-time coders capable of coding an industry best 30,000 documents per day. Our staff is equipped with years of experience and custom tools designed to deliver the exact specifications required to meet your project needs.

Objective/Bibliographic Coding

KGM has set the standard for performance of bibliographic coding of standard objective coding fields including:
1. From (Author)
2. To (Recipient)
3. Copyee/Blind Copyee (CC/ BCC)
4. Document Subject or Title
5. Document Type
6. Document Date
7. Document Characteristics

Subjective Coding

When objective data is insufficient, Kensium is capable of gathering and interpreting pertinent information from the text of your documents. Our highly trained, experienced legal coding services team will read each document and report back relevant information such as names, organizations, subjective title, or even a comprehensive summary of the document. Kensium can also retrieve data within source sheets and exhibits based on your precise specifications. Our solutions are highly customizable and tailored to the needs of your organization. We operate 24/7 and are working on your legal document coding project at all times to ensure quick and efficient processing. Most of all, we recognize that some of the biggest risks and challenges occur in post-collection Discovery. Upon completion of coding, the coding/quality control manager runs data verification processes on all coded fields to ensure consistency and validity.

The KMG Difference
1. Offshore and hybrid options: Kensium offers offshore coding and also the remote dial-in, or online or hybrid coding options when the images must remain onshore.
2. Multilingual capabilities: Kensium offers coding services for documents in English language and 14 other foreign languages.

KGM's Best-in-Industry Communication protocols:
1. 30 min. guaranteed response time to client inquiries
2. Decision Logs continuously updated with developments for every project
3. Daily Status Reports issued before 8:00 AM EST
4. Ability to join calls or planning meetings with clients to clarify directives.
5. Assist in sales calls via physical presence of the US team

KMG's Commitment to Data Security:
1. Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by all employees as part of the employment agreement, and for special projects as requested by the client
2. Comprehensive employee verification process including reference checks
3. All full-time employees with a minimum 3 year professional degree
4. Fully Insured and compliant with all statutory and legal requirements including Provident Fund (equivalent of 401K), Professional Tax, Employer State Insurance (Health Insurance), etc.
5. Custom coding application with built-in security to prevent duplication or storage of data locally
6. 24 hour manned security with card access-controlled doors, and monitoring via CCTV.
7. Dedicated primary leased lines in addition to additional backup lines
8. Generator back-up facility to support a minimum of one-week of operations without power
9. True redundancy/Disaster Recovery in multiple offices, each capable of managing projects independently