KMG - Info Services

Unitization (LDD)

     Unitization is a vital part of the coding process and one of KGM's core offerings. Simply stated, your coding is only as effective as the unitization it is built upon. Coupled with our extensive indexing services, LDD provides accuracy and consistency your document/data needs for your team to review effectively.

     Document unitization or Logical Document Determination is a litigation process customized for your needs. Typically we will capture the smallest physical boundaries for your document collection. Additionally, we are able to capture the largest physical boundary (attachment range), folder/redweld/binder information during the image capture process. This enables us to deliver partially indexed data to you with your images.Every coding project we do for you, no matter how large or small, includes a process of unitization or logical document determination (LDD) to assure consistent and accurate quality control. With a team that specializes in LDD, we can easily and efficiently process documents and determine the start and stop of pages — with a capacity of more than 100,000 images per day.